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We caught up with Zoe recently to discuss The Bodyguard, NYC & more…

What a crazy 12 months you’ve had! First you’re back on our TV screens on Big Brother, now your playing the lead role in The Bodyguard The Musical as Rachael Marron. How did that come about?

Well I think it’s always good in your career to take a risk, so when I was approached to do BB, I knew it could be a risk but I also knew that it would be so much fun, and with the TV profile it would also help boost my name .

My amazing fans started a #zoebirkettforthebodyguard online , I then got called into the auditions… And.. Here I am, my fans are amazing .. They’ve been there since the begging !


You’ve had amazing success with reviews from both the press and your adoring fans so far during the tour. What’s been your highlight so far?

My highlight has to be Newcastle ! The reception from my North east home crowd was unbelievable ! I literally had people coming to watch the show who didn’t know me but wanted to support a local lass! The North East are very proud people and have backed and supported my career since I was a toddler


I was lucky enough to see you twice when the tour was here in Newcastle. For those who are yet to see the show, tell us what they can expect.

We’ll surely nearly everyone has watched the classic film right ? But our show from film to stage is slightly different .. The opening is “queen of the night ” and it’s a very sexy , dominating , Amazonian production, flames , hot boys half naked , I’m getting chucked around by them, it’s wicked ! The show is a love story of Frank and Rachael , but we have lots of drama from the stalker . And of corse Whitney houstons greatest songs which take you on such a magic journey .


My favourite number in the show is I Will Always Love You. Your performance and vocal had me blown away! How do you prepare to hold those big notes?

I do a lot of warming up before the show . I physically run a lot to get my stamina up and open my chest and vocal chords up, get the oxygen flowing , then a big vocal warm up!


It’s crazy to think that all them years ago you performed I Will Always Love You to millions during Pop Idol. How does that compare to doing it now in front of a sell out theatre audience?

Every time I sing that song and “one moment in time ” I immediately feel 16 again! Honest! Both of them songs hold so much memories for me!


A lot of fans would like to know which is your favourite part of the show?

I love the top of the show and the end of the show “queen of the night ” is such a fierce opener and “I will always love you” when I go up in the lift is like a dream come true


It’s a very long tour running until March next year, are you excited to explore the different cities you will be visiting?

Absolutely ! It’s like a UK adventure lol


Do you still get nervous before you go on stage?

Not so much Nervs, more excitement . But I do feel nervous when my family are in watching .


We were amazed at how quick the costume changes were during the show. Which costume is your favourite?

Queen of the night, so fierce !very Beyoncé esq!


Many musical theatre artists have released their own albums. We would love an album full of numbers you’ve performed throughout the years! Do you have any plans to release an album or EP?

Yes I do, I’ve just had so much on , and not only that , when your singing Whitney Houston you have to rest thoroughly on your days off, I can’t go into the studio , my main commitment is the bodyguard, so I need to wait till I can free up some time .


Apart from The Bodyguard The Musical, which other shows have been your favourite to perform?

I loved rent , and hair, both these shows changed me on personal level.
But thriller live will always been my home !


Congratulations on your green card being accepted! We know you’re going to do very well in NYC! What are your plans for the big move?

I have no plans as yet, I need to wait till next year when I finish The Bodyguard. So it’s all on hold for the moment , but I can’t wait to get out there !!!


There are many successful Broadway shows, which would be your ideal musical to star in?

Oh wow.. You know what just any job on Broadway would do me just fine lol, it’s a bigger harder tougher career out there , the talent is Unreal!!


The support on social media has been phenomenal. It’s been amazing to see some of the fans from back in the Pop Idol days come together to support you after all these years. That must feel pretty awesome?

Awwww honestly .. To see all my fans go from children to adults is crazy.. We’ve all grown up together !!


We asked fans on Twitter & Facebook to send in some questions. We’ve picked the best ones…

@Patyvaccani What’s your biggest dream?

Well I like to live my realistic dreams and put them into stepping stones,I’d love to do a Broadway show first, then from there maybe a TV sitcom, film and record an album. My list is endless haha.


@lea7784 What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Ermmm… I attempted a cigarette when I was about 13.. That didn’t go down very well in my household.. I was grounded for 6 months .. And I’ve never smoked again! Lol


@RebeccaHewitt5 What have you always wanted? And have you ever got it?

Truth be told, all the the jobs I’ve reeeaally wanted to do , I have been able to succeed in, a lot of it is self disaplin ,putting the hard work in, singing lessons, acting lessons etc. trying to be the best you can be .


@itshatella What advice would you have for young girls wanting to do musical theatre?

Always be willing to learn! The moment you think you know everything is when you stunt your growth As a performer ! Take knock backs on the chin.. And dream big.. Without dreams we are just existing .


@jonbonfans What was your favourite thing about performing The Bodyguard in Newcastle?

The crowd !! They just kept shouting amazing things !! “Go on pet” was one of my favourites !!


@Musical_Lyrics What other musical theatre roles would you like to play?

I always wanted to play killer queen in rock you , but that unfortunately has closed .
If dream girls comes to the westend .. I’d LoVe to be part of that show !


@patyvaccani As you’ve already performed in many places around the world, which one do you consider the best audience you’ve ever had?

Brazil was insane !!! We performed thriller live the michael Jackson musical there ! And it was a sell out !! The Brazilian people love music ! And love MJ! We had such a warm welcome there ! I was actually considering moving there at one point , because they really took me under their wing . I have so wonderful Brazilian fans!


Finally, out of the fan’s questions which question was your favourite? The winner will win a signed photo card.

Itsshatella, was a good question , I like to help or advise people who also want to work in this industry x

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Zoe Birkett (born 16 June 1985, Consett, County Durham, England) is an English singer. She was one of the youngest contestants on the first series of the ITV singing competition Pop Idol in 2001, being only 16 at the time.

Zoe began attending stage school when she was just three years old. She had had hopes of being a performer and had previously auditioned unsuccessfully to be in S Club 7, finishing in the final 12.

In 2002, Zoe finished fourth on the first series of Pop Idol, behind Will Young, Gareth Gates and Darius Danesh, and being the highest placed female on the show. During the programme, she performed such songs as Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”, “I Will Always Love You” and...

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